Video Joiners, Converters, and Editors

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Some Tools are temporarily unavailable due to legal concerns (site was taken down by my hosting company).
I linked to sites that have the Tools where possible.

Video Joiners
Pecks AVI Joiner - Turn multiple AVI video files into one large file for convenient viewing. Joins most types of compressed AVI video.

Camels MPEG Joiner - Excellent software with and extremely easy to use interface for joining mpeg, mpg, mpv, and mpe video files.
Installation Notes: If you get any errors about missing .dll files, install the vbruntimes included with the file.

TMPGEnc - This is a new, powerful program for all types of mpeg editing including joining mpegs. This software is Japanese, install the english language support file included in the zip.

VOB Merge - Join VOB(DVD) files.

Pecks ASF Joiner - Nice ASF Joiner, but still in BETA so it does have some bugs.

Real Tools - Edit and join RM and RAM video files with Real Tools.

Hj Split - Join .001 .002 .003 files etc... Note: .001, .002, etc...files are not viewable movies. These files must be joined together to create a valid movie archive. HjSplit will aslo split large files into smaller chunks to create these filetypes.
Video Converters
Stream Anywhere - Convert MPEG, MOV or AVI movies to ASF and Real Video(.rm). This software has a free 7 day trial, but its pretty steep if you wanna keep it.

DAT to MPEG - Convert your VCD titles as well as BIN and CUE files to MPEG video with VCDGearGUI.

AVI to MPEG - This tool will covert your AVI files to VCD compliant MPEG files. Use your burning software to burn these files straight to VCD(Video-CD), playable in most DVD players.

VirtualDub - Excellent video converter and manipulator. Convert ASF to AVI, MPEG1 to AVI, or convert AVI to AVI using a different codec.

MPEG to AVI - Another tool for converting MPEG video to AVI format.

SmartVid - Converts MOV to AVI and AVI to MOV. This is a DOS application.

TMPGEnc - Convert AVI to MPG, ASF to MPG, DIVX to MPG, or MPG to MPG in compliant VCD-Format.

MOV to MPEG - You will need Adobe Premiere and the Panasonic MPEG Plugin. Consult VCD Helper for more information.
Video Editors
Adobe Premiere - Probably the most powerful video editing software on the net. Premiere has a ton of features and edits many types of video formats.

VirtualDub - Another nice AVI editor.

iFilmEdit - This is a top notch MPEG editor. You can clip, chop, cut & paste and the video quality is not affected at all. This software is Shareware.

MetaEditor - Create, edit, and manipulate RealAudio and RealVideo files(.rm and .ram) as well as a few other media types.

Real Tools - Edits RM and RAM RealVideo and RealAudio files.

VCD Cutter - Edit MPEG files. Not the best one I've ever seen.

VOB Split - Cut and edit VOB(DVD) video streams.
Other Video Tools
ASF Check - Fixes corrupted ASF videos.

Playlist Maker - Creates ASX playlists for convenient viewing of your multipart movies.

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