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Some Codecs are temporarily unavailable due to legal concerns (site was taken down by my hosting company).
I linked to sites that have the codecs where possible.

What is a Codec?
A codec is a method of compressing video to a file suitable for distribution on the net, either on the web or a LAN or any other method of file transfer. Avi video is compressed with many different codecs depending on the needs of the users.

Windows Video Codecs
Angelpotion Codec - The Angelpotion video codec is an advanced mpeg4 codec. It allows the viewing and encoding of high and low motion Divx avi files, SmR-nAVI(mpeg4v3) avi files, Microsoft mpeg4(mp4, mp42, and mp43) avi and asf files, and Angelpotion definitive mpeg4 avi files.

Mpeg4 Codec - Windows* - Contains the MP4, MP42, and MP43 decompressors. If you should install this codec and mpeg4 video still will not run on your system, delete mpg4c32.dll and it exists) in your C:\windows\system\ directory and then reinstall the mpeg4 codec.
If you have problems installing the mpeg4 codec or you would like to be able to encode mpeg4 avi and asf video, get Windows Media Tools.

I263 Codec - Windows 95/98 - I263 is an older codec and most people have abandoned its use although the video quality is quite nice.

I263 Codec - Windows NT/2000

Indeo Video Codecs - Windows* - Contains the Indeo IR3*, IV4*, and IV5* codecs. Recently the Ligos Corporation took over Indeo video development from Intel Architecture Labs. They have updated Indeo Video to Indeo Video 5.11 and will continue to develop the technology in the future. Please visit the Ligos Corporations website for more information and support.

DIVX Codec - Windows* - Decompressor for avi files encoded with the divx codec. Contains the div3 and div4 decompressors. The divx codec is now available for Mac, Linux, and BeOS operating systems>
also available is the newrev Open Divx4a48

Cinepak Codec - Windows* - Older Microsoft codec, no longer used widely. Contains the cvid decompressor.

Sorenson Codec - Windows* - This codec, sometimes referred to as vids:svq1 allows the playback and encoding of .mov and .qt video from Apples Quicktime 4 technology. I have recanted my negative criticism of the Quicktime encoding and the Quicktime viewer. The newer technology that Sorenson and Apple are putting into the software is high quality and very effective for use on the web. If you don't have Quicktime, I recommend you give it a try.

IR21 Codec - Windows 95/98 - This is an older Indeo codec that a few users might need.

VCR2 Codec - This is the codec used by ATI video capture cards to compress into avi format. Avi movies captured with an ATI video card will not play on a non-ATI system without installing this codec. Download and install display driver ATIVCRx.exe. This will install all 5 ATI video codecs.

WINNOV Codec - Windows 95/98 - This codec will play video captured with Winnov Videum capture cards. The WINNOV Codec for Windows NT/2000 is also available.

X263 Codec - Windows* - This decompressor is used by certain cams to compress avi video.

ASV1 Codec - Windows* - This codec is used by Asus video capture cards.

M-JPEG Codec - Windows* - Motion JPEG decompressors

WIN TV Codec - Windows* - This contains decompressors used by certain Hauppage WIN TV video capture cards.

Mac Video Codecs
Quicktime Codecs - Download Quicktime 4 from Apple to get the Sorenson codec, sometimes referred to as SVQ1 or vids:svq1. Sorenson and Quicktime 4 support .mov and .qt movie files.

Indeo Video Codecs - Latest Indeo Video drivers for the Mac OS. Quicktime 4 is required to use the Indeo drivers.

DIVX Codec - The DIVX codec is now available.


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