Invisible KeyLogger 97 for Windows 95/98:

The shareware version is to provide you with an idea of what this program can do before you buy. However, Amecisco grants you a license to use and keep this version for as long as you want provided that you use it for personal purposes. You can upload/transmit this shareware version to any medium as long as the original files are unmodified and are all included.

The shareware version has a 500-keystroke per session limit. It will automatically exit without warning after recording 500 keystrokes. You will need to restart it if you want to record more keystrokes (Just run ik.exe again.). Also, the shareware version starts itself AFTER the Windows login and password phase. So the Windows login and password won't be recorded.

The commercial version has no restrictions. It starts itself at the same time as Windows Login and Password dialog box appears. So the Windows Login and password will ALSO BE RECORDED. Be careful with your log! Only you can read the log, though. The binary log file is scrambled. Someone with a HEX editor will only see a bunch of garbage-like characters. Only the "dat2txt" utility provided with the Invisible KeyLogger 97 program can interpret the binary log file.

The 500 keystroke limit is not an issue unless you are spying on Tolstoy.

Please Click HERE to start the downloading. (Revision 1.2, 783K)

These are the Pay Versions:

For information and a Demo of Invisible KeyLogger Stealth for Windows 95/98, please follow this link.

For information and a Demo of Invisible KeyLogger Stealth for Windows NT4/2000, please follow this link.